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Lombok Traditional Party (Begawe)

Although a small island, besides having a beautiful tourist attractions, Lombok is also an island rich in tradition or culture. One is the culture of " Begawe ". This is done either at a time when the marriage ceremony, circumcision, or thanksgiving.Begawe this is a thanksgiving event that involves all elements of society. This is where Indonesia is seen that the State is still upholding social values , called " Gotong Royong " or helping among fellow citizens.
This event is planned for about a week or more before the event will be held.  Starting from the preparation of guests who will be invited, to the preparation of the implementation.  This event does require great expense and effort, but still feels light because it is still a caring community to help ease the the burden on others.
For instance begawe ( party ) in my village at a time when traditional organized a wedding for safety. Here all citizens to help each other, although most help with energy and mind. Both of making the place organized the event, until the day of implementation.Usually this event held two days. Starting from the core event held the evening before, and usually the guests are people from the village itself. As for tomorrow morning before all the guests present.
In my village all the work on party deploy ( begawe ) were male, except that prepared food containers, both of which serve food to cook. All my village teenagers also took part in this event, denggan customary dress uniform, the teenagers in charge of entertaining all the guests who came.So as not too look tired, people are also entertained with traditional music of Lombok called " Music Gendang Beleq " or not infrequently also entertained by traditional dance Lombok like Joget and Gandrung, but is held at night.

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