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Traditional Sport ( Perisian )

Each region would have a different culture. So is the West Lombok district has a wealth of culture that are not found in other areas. One of them is “ PRISEAN ”.
Perisean is a traditional sport performed by people of Sasak Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. Even if we discuss about the meaning, perisean means a shield ( a protective tool from the blow the opponent ). Because in this sport perisean, two men pitted against each other for hours. The instrument used to strike is made of rattan ( penjalin ), while used as a shield called Ende made of cowhide.

Perisean often held in August as a venue for community physical fights Lombok, to enliven the country's independence day of Indonesia. People who usually contribute in the race this prisean are adults who are mentally and physically strong.

Previously customary is done by the community perisean Tribe sasak ( Lombok ) in dry season, with the aim to ask the rain to God.
Players who competed in this perisean called " Pepadu ". In this match also led by a referee in a sport like boxing, called " Pekembar " and there were also carpenters contest called " Pengadok ".
As in the sport of boxing, sports perisean also carried out in several rounds. But this match will be stopped if one of the participants experienced a severe beating his enemy. Participants who win and the loser will get a prize called the "Peris".

In sports this perisean pesrta highly value sportsmanship, win or lose still brothers, for the purpose of this if only for the physical test, not for a feud.
In the implementation of the game is usually accompanied by music perisean called Perisean drum, musical instruments consist of two pieces drum, a music instrument petuk, rencek, Gong and a bamboo flute.
In a match that pitted players also wear a headband called " sapuk " made of cloth ( batik ), using a cloth called a " kereng leang " and use a belt called the " bebet " and in this ancestor that people usually put talisman Lombok might call " Bebadong ".

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  1. Whoaa~~ it's a sport, eh? Is it a form of martial arts too?



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